So you’ve been delegated for hiring entertainment for an important fundraiser!  Whether you’re thinking of a dance band, magician, ventriloquist, impressionists, juggler, stand-up comedian, singer, or piano player, you have two objectives.  You want to find high quality entertainment, and second, you want to spend as little money as possible.
Working with a reputable booking agency is perhaps the best way to ensure you end up with high quality entertainment at the best price.  Many people are under the impression that going through a booking agency will increase their costs.  But the opposite is true, they can actually reduce your expenses and certainly the aggravation of contacting a multitude of entertainers.  By contacting a booking agency, you can find out which entertainers are available, which are dependable, how much they’ll going to cost, if they’ll fit your event, and many other important factors.
What do you need?
1. Where will the performance take place? Note that some organizations will allow discounted or even free hall rentals for various charity groups or fundraisers.  Avoid open bars and other noisy areas that cause distractions.  Look for a private closed room that offers seating with great lines of sight and little or no ambient noise.  Outdoor events will require a cover or roof to protect the performer and equipment.   
DEVILer Entertainment works closely with numerous Country Clubs/Organizations/Caterers and Restaurants with hall facilities and can refer you to a room that will meet your needs.
2. Will you need a stage? Yes, for parties of 50 or more.  Especially for magic and ventriloquist acts! 
* DEVILer Entertainment can provide you with a stage or help you with a design of your own.   
3. Will you need a podium/lectern? Your hall rental or caterer should be able to supply one if needed.
4. What sort of sound system will be required?  I suggest four well placed speakers in a room of 175 or more.  Listening to music as apposed to listening to the voice of a stand-up comedian/ventriloquist requires a quality sound system with well placed speakers.  Don’t leave your guests straining to hear!  Sound is crucial to a comedy performance.  It can literally make or break the show.
* DEVILer Entertainment can provide Professional Sound and Professional DJs for your important event.
5. Providing your own DJ:  Some performers have specific sound requirements such as wireless microphones, different types of inputs and the use of their CD/DVDs.  Be sure that your DJ has microphone stand, mixer and the required equipment and knowledge to rip sounds/music from CD/DVD to his/her laptop computer if needed.  Setting up a room for comedy shows is different from setting a room for a dance party or wedding reception!      
6. Will you need lighting?  Yes, especially for ventriloquist and magic acts.  This will help the audience see the performer’s facial expressions.  Some acts prefer dim lighting in the audience and other performers prefer the lights up so they can see the crowd.
DEVILer Entertainment will provide necessary spot/stage lighting.  All you need do is provide us with the electrical outlet!
How to set up the room for your show?  Your caterer or hall rental people can contact DEVILer Entertainment for instructions as how to set the room for your audience.  Comedy shows are set up so that the tables are very close to the stage, allowing the comedian interaction with his/her audience.  If your fundraiser includes dancing afterwards, make dance floor space after the comedy performance is over if possible.  Again, the comedy show is the most important part of your fundraiser and your attention must be given to it.
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  What is your event’s agenda? 
1. A typical dance party last 3 to 4 hours.
2. Tribute shows 2~3 hours.
3. A typical performance for a comedy show is 90 minutes.  Includes an emcee, a feature act, and headliner.
>  Be sure to take into consideration times for dinner, 50/50s, Chinese auctions and or door prizes.
>  Many people attend for the awards and prizes and will leave immediately afterwards causing much distraction for those guests wanting to see the show.   ALWAYS HAVE YOUR SHOW AFTER      DINNER/DESSERT…  Any other fundraiser functions, door prizes/50-50, handing out awards, etc., do so after the show.  It should be your Grande Finale! 
DEVILer Entertainment will gladly help you set up your program times… we’re experts!
Example Comedy Show Agenda: 
* 6:00pm Reception/Cocktails
* 6:30pm~7:30 pm Dinner
*7:45pm ENTERTAINMENT/Comedy Show (90 minutes)
* 9:15 Awards/Giveaways
Example Dance Party Agenda:
* 6:00pm Reception/Cocktails
* 6:30pm dinner
* 7:30pm~11:30pm Dance Party. 3~4 hours…..   Tribute/Dinner Shows 2~3 hours.
Selecting Your Comedians:
  “You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” 
  When deciding what humor will work best for your group you must consider their make-up:  age, background job functions and education.  You should have an idea of what type of humor would work best for your expected crowd.  Do not make this selection on your own personal likes or dislikes. Be specific. And don’t wait until the night of the show to change your mind about the type of humor you have selected. 
  If your group isn’t easily offended, you may desire a PG-17 rated show and it is important that you make an announcement before the show to that effect.  Such as, “Comedians may use explicit language doing their performances.”
G-Rating--General Audiences.  All ages admitted.  Contains nothing in theme or language that would offend parents whose younger children attended.
PG-17--Children under 17 are require accompanying parent or adult guardian.  Show contains some adult material, sex and light cursing.
R-Rated--adult themes, hard language, sexually-oriented material, drug abuse or other harsh material.
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Set a Budget and stay within that Budget!
  Before calling a booking agent for entertainment, come up with a budget that you will not exceed.  Don’t waste your time with back and forth organization approval meetings.
  Be realistic and upfront with the booking agent about what you can afford. 
  Prices for any act greatly depends on entertainers experience, TV/theater/film credits, travel to/from show, lodging, and many other factors.
  If you find your budget is lower than the acts you want, consider setting up a playbill/ad booklet. 
DEVILer Entertainment can design and print or help you with your booklet.
We can also design and print tickets for your fundraiser.
  Sponsorships can also help defray entertainment costs…. have your entertainer wear a sponsor’s hat/jacket or plug them during their performance.  You can then raffle or giveaway the hat/jacket after the show.
  You’ll mostly likely pay much more for the room rental or dinner/buffet than for the entertainment, when in fact the evening’s entertainment will likely be the most memorable part of the evening.  Don’t cut corners on the entertainment budget!
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Written Contract:  A contract is required for all fundraisers.  The contract covers the basics:  Date, time, locations, cancellation policy and etc..  A rider contract may be necessary for each act and covers the needs to successfully complete the organized show.  Take special note of the cancellation policy included in the contract.  Also, many acts have contracts with booking agents to let them out of the agreement with an agency, because they have a TV or motion picture conflict.  When and if, this rare occurrence happens the entertainer will be replaced with a equal or bigger name act. 
DEVILer Entertainment contracts are concise and easy to understand.
Deposit:  Expect a 50% non-refundable contracted deposit to secure the performers services.  Entertainers are not and will not be contracted with the booking agent until payment is made.  Final payment (balance of deposit) is required the day/night prior to the performance.
Hospitality:  It is customary but not required to provide a meal for the performers.  Many performers have traveled for hours to their perspective gigs and naturally work better on a welcomed dinner/sandwich backstage. 
Entertainers Merchandise: Many performers supplement their income by selling DVDs/CDs or other merchandise and may request to set up a table to sell their products after the show.  If you are uncomfortable with this, say so prior to signing the contract.
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