DEVILer ENTERTAINMENT is looking for professional comedians from the Delaware Valley to interview and possibly hire for current open positions.  Comedians, wanting to work, should already have road experience and be familiar with PRIVATE PARTY type shows.  You must have a minimum of 30 minutes of strong PG13 material.  PG13 means comedians who dance close to the blue line but don't cross it… adult subject matter is OK but no profanity.
  We are always willing to look at PG17 (blue acts) adult subject matter with little (light) profanity but most of the work we get will be for the PG13 type…  Save your material, about masturbation, oral sex, etc. for the clubs… there is no place for it in our private party (birthdays/anniversaries/holiday) shows.  If you are in need of a list of words you cannot use… this list will be supplied.
  Novelty, magic, juggling, hypnotist, props and musical type comedy acts are also strongly urged to apply.
  Your act must be honed and polished to work on a variety of audiences.  Strict club acts normally do not do well in our environments so you will need to be able to entertain a wide level of ages and ethnicity.  
  Most importantly!  I also require an unedited video of one of your FULL shows because my company matches our clients to comedians based on our experience of your entire show not your best 5 or 10 minutes.
  We are all professionals with years in the entertainment/comedy arena so I do understand that there will be some silence, possible background noise and some very bad camera work.  Don’t worry about this… I don’t care about the quality of the video!  We are only looking at the material and its presentation to the particular crowd on the tape.  If you CAN’T supply us with a full show video then please DON’T bother completing the form because I will not book any act that we have not seen in its entirety.
  I’m sure you have been put in some bad situations because of a booker who had no idea of what they were doing or just cared about making a quick buck.  I know that this goes on all the time much to the dismay of the clients.  Many times a bad taste is left with the client and comedians alike to the point that the client will never book or even attend another comedy show!
  I only place comedians in shows that make both the client and comedian extremely happy.  If you look good, DEVILer Entertainment looks good!
  When you are placed with a gig: Entertainers Shall Not and Will Not solicit any future comedy show engagements  with the  client and will notify DEVILer Entertainment if Purchaser attempts to procure their services as a performer. 
  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Please send me the following info and I will get back to you if you are chosen:
Name: _______________________________________
Stage name if any:______________________________
How many years have you been performing?_________
How long in minutes is your act? Not the improv or crowd work, just your strong material normally used minutes.:_______
Based out of what city and state?__________________
Email address;_________________________________
Cell Phone:___________________________________
Do you own a professional PA system?  Yes     No
  What is the typical price range you will work in a private party with under 200 people?__________________  Be honest and realistic with this answer because we will know what you are worth when we see your video.  I strive to get my entertainers the highest possible pay.  Comics that have worked with me in the past can testify to this fact.  I believe in long term relationships and steady fair pay for everyone. 
  Anything else you would like to add?_______________
Thank you,
Ken Camp
The Jersey DEVILer & DEVILer Entertainment
PO BOX 691 Elmer, NJ 08318